Thursday, 16 November 2017

I love blogging!

I really love blogging. Did love from the very first day, I discovered it, more then thirteen years ago.

At that time, blogspot was yet in its infancy and we had to learn the HTML codes to format the text. We could not add image directly from our disc and that is how I discovered Flickr, from where I learned so much over the years.

Hello world!

I am here, I have a voice I need to feel alive to speak to all of you. But, at the beginning, I wrote in French and did not dream even be read from far away.

Then come a young student from Japan learning French, and someone from Belgium, an older man from America! It grew slowly at the beginning but I could tell my tales. The first was that indeed there is life after we got 70. The second was to publish day by day also my diaries from age 10 to... 70. I stopped my Retro Blog when I arrived to age 70 with them, and stopped the Il y a de la vie après 70 ans, when I got 80.

Now a lot of Social Media exist. I used for some time Linkedin. I never liked twitter, too short for all I needed to express day after day. Mail? I use it often but mostly to communicate one by one; even for that nowadays I prefer video conference to see them.

Facebook took over a lot of my energy and I have many friends. But it is still not the same as blogging, and have all of you come to visit from all over the globe!
India! Russia! Malaysia, Canada on one end and Australia on the other. Some of course from UK I live even and, a lot from all over US. Those are only the most 7 from last month visitors. So many more! 

And finally, as I changed my comments back to blogger, I get comments and get an email each time so I can answer them, enjoy them. And yes, even in the Pathways Discussion group from Facebook, I get comments from those who visited it.

I can even know how the post "most visited" change. Last month this were those "most". Some, because the title, others because I published them also on Facebook different groups. Combining two Social media is better then only one of course.

Another reason, I spoke already is that I chose a Template that works on many different devices, without me worrying about it. And yes, last month iPhone readers jumped up!

I did try this morning: yes, one can access Pathways through iPhone and with eyeglass for me, even read what it is written. I am in awe of the technology, that from 1980 when I did begun, never stopped to rush and evolve. 

Even the Pathways user interface will evolve with time, I have all the confidence in it! For example when it says "you can access Evaluations through a dropdown on this page..." there will be an actual dropdown. For now, I did click on the word Evaluation, and it did work instead of dropdown. Do not give up. But I wanted an Evaluation Resource for a speech I have given a few month ago and now will in another path, and I was answered "you already downloaded this one!"

Solution? I had to go to my path, open my level and project: from there, I had no problem downloading it! Then, my printer got out of ink. So, finally I send it by email to VPE and the TM of evening, hoping some will print it or pass it to my evaluator whoever it will be.

Life online is an adventure, like is not a smooth quiet river, but we can deal with whatever does come and learn from it, and tell others.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Evaluation remains important in Pathways

The club meeting does not change, we will continue to have the usual parts,
  • Prepared speeches (from our Path, Levels, Projects) 
  • Evaluation of those speeches (Verbal and written)
  • Table Topic part 
  • Evaluation of all with a role and not yet evaluated
Of course with the usual opening, closing, if needed business part and asking guests feedback.

In my opinion, the most change is how we prepare a speech. 
How much we spend in a project to learn. 
How much we can apply what we learned. 
      And yes, many times, not just once for this speech. 

We do not read the project to be able to make a speech in Pathways, at least I do it to discover, to learn something new: it is just an icing on the cake, many times. Other times, the speech is a demonstration that we did learn what the project did teach us (Voice Variety for example) and/or a research lead. 

It exist even a "Generic Evaluation Form" that can be used for any speech... I did not use it yet. But all the evaluation forms begin with this three General Comments.

For the second page you give points and add shorter comments
In the specific projects, one to three questions in plus are added, specific to the project

A third page explains the details of what is expected and meant by Clarity, Audience Awareness, etc. That third page, I offered a few times to an evaluator not yet in Pathways : they were so happy!

So much more to say about the evaluations, forms, how to find them, what to do with them. Just one more observation: they are for US and not for control. Base camp does not look or control them, as I did believe at the beginning. No one but us can see our private e-portofolio where we can upload them. 

Can anyone see our badges? 

Here are my badges today : yesterday I completed and was awarded the 4th Level 2... badge. Here the badges are in the order I got them, the last one first. Not long ago I finished the Presentation Mastery path, that is the "Proficient" for instead of Level 5. And look! My first ever badge Collaborative attributed to me by a Toastmaster I did help in need, at his beginnings. Or is it for more?

I am now on to go farther and in the third level of Effective Coaching path. Today, I will offer a speech from Connecting with Storytelling in my London club that I have to prepare also for a storytelling event. I will print the three pages of the Evaluation as I have no idea yet who will give me the feedback. 

Other new for Pathways we can request feedback and even written from more then one Toastmaster. Rare, but sometimes I did ask someone who did not give me an oral feedback, to write also one. And of course, my pal, my friend, often writes me long letters about my last delivery and content, too. Sometimes, explaining your intent, telling what and how could improve a story, explaining what is around but we did not say, can make us next time create a lot better one. 

I did learn a lot and I do like to learn, but I realised yesterday, again, how much more I still have to learn. I am grateful that I can learn through Pathways projects and their delivery and continue my journey in the huge Toastmasters tribe and community. 

I do not have all the answers, and today, I realised for example, that I did fill an Evaluation Form with a lot of pain and problem, then miraculously, the second was so easy to fill! It is too late now, but tomorrow I will have to try again: what caused this difference.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Our beginnings & how my Vision developed?

We are in a huge Transition period in Toastmasters International, as I was when 25. I begun to study in my first level first path, Visionary Communication, the relationship between Pathways and Transition. Even as I finished the path, some of my achievable goals achieved, I did continue. Still do continue. My goal was and still is in every way I can: Help the Transition from Legacy program to Pathways. Make it easier, speak about it. Make my passion and knowledge known in any ways I can and that depend on me.

The first steps can influence what how we go farther, they did influence me as you will hear. But as this image and the saying is, every path can lead us to unexpected discoveries and roads.

"No one steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man." 

I still stand by this speech recorded some month ago, but would express it now differently. I am sure, you will be able to tell also, why did you got into and what did you find in itI mean the path you chose and into toastmasters.
Julie from Witty Storytellers Online, London and Brian Dodd from Royal Roads Victoria, BC in a discussion when he was the Toastmaster.

As we go through the Pathways program and our Toastmasters Journey we change.